8 very good reasons for MASPA membership.

  1. MASPA is the only statewide professional organization for those personnel administrators and support staff who focus on personnel responsibilities, concerns, and interests.

  2. MASPA helps members to stay informed of professional and technical issues in the field of personnel and human resource management.

  3. MASPA conferences and workshops attract practitioners from throughout the state offering updates and breaking news on new areas of employment compliance areas as well as, outstanding networking opportunities.

  4. MASPA offers the opportunity to expand your professional horizons as well as offer the opportunity to take leadership roles within the profession.

  5. MASPA is committed to providing membership with the latest technological advances to assist in managing the ever increasing demands of school personnel work.

  6. MASPA works with other professional organizations to champion the school personnel function at both the state and national level.

  7. MASPA is approved to provide State Board CEU's (SB-CEU) for personnel and human resource administrators, support staff, and managers, for the seminars and conferences that are offered.

  8. MASPA offers a web site at www.maspa.org which offers information on networking, programs, and other important information relating to school personnel work.

Our Mission

The mission of the Michigan Association of School Personnel Administrators is to advocate on behalf of the personnel and/or human resource function, work to enhance member professional growth, actively support diversification of the work force, serve as a resource agency, and promote the highest standard of personal and professional conduct and professional ethics to ensure quality instruction and service to Michigan students.

Our Goals

To enhance the professional growth of its members and their understanding of personnel and/or human resource issues and concerns through annual training, sharing, and communication

  • Continue annual personnel conferences and workshops.

  • Continue the MASPA newsletter.

  • Continue the personnel secretarial yearly conference.

  • Provide special communications on crucial issues as needed to supplement the newsletter.

  • Encourage networking and the open sharing of views, ideas, practices and personnel and/or human resource documents.

To serve as an advocate of the school personnel/human resource function at the local, state, and national levels - Emphasize to the membership that the personnel/human resource function is to provide service and support to staff to enable them to deliver the best education possible to students.

  • Communicate with state legislators, state officials, and lobbyists on issues related to the personnel human resource function.

  • Actively seek appointment to and serve on committees an consortiums.

  • Actively participate with the American Association of School Personnel Administrators (AASPA).

To become the voice of the profession for school personnel/human resource administration.

  • Establish communication with other professional organizations.

  • Encourage communications to the media on issues pertaining to the personnel/human resource function.

  • Communicate on a regular basis with state legislators and Michigan Department of Education officials.

  • Seek to inform and educate other administrators and school board members as to the importance of the personnel/human resource function.

  • Actively recruit and welcome new members.

  • Continue recognition efforts of members.

To encourage the recruitment, retention, development, and promotion of a diversified work force.

  • Encourage and support recruitment that includes minority, handicapped, disabled, and a culturally diversified staff.

  • Promote the expression of viewpoints representing minority, handicapped, disabled, and culturally diversified individuals at Educate membership in minority, handicapped, and cultural issues.

  • Act as a model in encouraging a diversified representation on the MASPA board and by procuring diversified speakers for conferences.

  • Encourage the recruitment and employment of minorities in education through the MASPA Minority Scholarship Program.

To serve as a resource to groups and individuals concerning personnel/human resource management in the educational setting.

  • Prepare a plan for the development of a mentoring program for personnel/human resource administrators.

  • Provide a list of resource people for various personnel/human resource topics to assist the membership.

  • Recruit and welcome new members.

To promote the highest standards of personal conduct and professional ethics.

  • Promote and support the MASPA code of ethics for the personnel/human resource profession

  • Facilitate personal growth in the profession

  • Encourage the fair and equitable treatment of all employees

  • Uphold all laws and regulations in the practice of our profession

  • Protect the confidentiality of privileged information

  • Work to instill in the employees and the public a sense of confidence in our profession

To promote efficiency in the personnel/human resource function through technology and innovation.

  • Establish, maintain and update an organizational web page.

  • Maintain the established list serve for updating and sharing information in Michigan.